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Excursions - Bramadero

Hidden Bolivia : Astrological Tourism at Bramadero


30 km outside Sucre, there lies an idyllic refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city, nestled in the heart of the mountain range that surrounds the city.  ‘Bramadero’, as this place is known, was once a barren piece of land attached to a ranch.  10 years ago, Mabel and Raul Carvagal, a married couple living in Sucre, bought this land to put into practice a private initiative.  By regenerating the vegetation on the mountainside, they hoped to coax wildlife back to the region and turn it into an ecologically protected area.  Going and staying there for a few nights, you instantly sense that they have succeeded in making Bramadero into a place where you truly feel in the heart of nature: Pine and Eucalyptus trees cover the entire mountainside, and the air is incensed with the perfume that comes from their leaves.  Many different species of birds, as well as anteaters, lizards and other animals are living peacefully amongst the vegetation that thrives here.

 ...to visit Sucre
1) Do a tour of the cemetery with street children who know where the best bodies are 
2) Walk up to the Recoleta for fabulous views out over the surrounding countryside 
3) Watch women weaving at the Indigenous Art Museum - organise a homestay and learn too! 
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