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Pilon Lajas Nat. Park Bolivia Jose Carlos
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Excursions - Pilon Lajas Nat.Park

The Pampas of Rurrenabaque


See the jungle without getting up


We arrived, Bolivian style, two hours late with a four hour pleasant boat ride awaiting us. The pampas tour that we were on definitely represented an easy way to see a lot, and indeed we saw plenty of wildlife without needing to stir from our seats.  The highlight was a huge black cayman (around four metres long, our guide Jasmani, told us). We stopped off to swim with river dolphins, to feed monkeys, really whenever there was a decent photo opportunity. The dolphins were less than five minutes downstream from the black cayman, but the guide reassured us that while we were there no other animals would approach. However less than a second after entering the water the dolphins vanished and, after seeing the guide get out, we beat a hasty retreat to the boat.

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