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Excursions - Toro toro
bolivia (in Spanish)

The undiscovered jewel of Central Bolivia

 The bus is not brimming with tourists as the area of the Parque Nacional Torotoro still remains one of Bolivia’s best hidden secrets. Squashed between the sugarcane and bundles of food, your bag safely resting in-between the wardrobes, bed posts and occasional coffin that precariously balance on the top of the bus, you will be lead to a magical place that you have only met in your wildest dreams.


The reason this destination is short of tourists is due to the rocky road the guidebooks describe as an “uncomfortable ten hour journey”. The word “uncomfortable” however is a little easily used. It should be described more as an exhilarating, eye-opening enlightening voyage united with amazing, indescribable views that will surpass the thrill factor of Bolivia’s Coroico Death Road.

3 GOOD REASONS visit Cochabamba
1) Cochabambinos live to eat - huge portions, 6 times a day for little money 
2) Known in Bolivia as "the city of eternal spring" - not too hot, not too cold! 
3) Try chicha - local fermented maize drink - just don't ask how they start the fermentation process! 
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