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Santa Cruz
Zona Volcanes, Amboro Nat. Park Andoriña Hostel
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Excursions - Amboro

A rustic slice of paradise

Leave the city behind and head for the wilds of Parque Nacional Amboró

Visiting Parque Nacional Amboró is an un-missable experience if you enjoy both trekking and wildlife. My day started at 09:00 in Samaipata where I was informed by my taxi driver that The Refugio Volcán (the place where I was to be lodging) was a two hour hike from the taxi drop off. This for me conjured up images from Alex Garland’s “The Beach”.  Obviously the journey was not going to be as difficult at that recorded in the book but locals kept referring to The Refugio Volcán as a paradise whose existence remains rather low key.

3 GOOD REASONS visit Santa Cruz
1) Use the city of Santa Cruz to get out to the Jesuit Missions, Samaipata and Amboro National Park 
2) Incredible botanical gardens 7.5km outside the city 
3) Exquisite handicrafts from the Ayoreo, Gaurayo and Chiquitano ethnic groups 
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