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Sajama Eric Bauer
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Excursions - Sajama

Ranging over 13,000 ft (3,900 m) above sea level, the Bolivian Altiplano hosts several snow peaks. These peaks belong to a chain of active volcanoes that crown an extensive highland plateau inhabited by powerful Carangas "señoríos" (kingdoms) that existed long before the Incas and Spanish. The Sajama Volcano is the highest peak in Bolivia, at 21,457 ft (6,437 m). The harsh alpine landscape is striking and beautiful from sunrise to sunset.  The extensive pastures are home to llamas, alpacas and vicuñas and many species of Altiplano and Andean birds like the threatened Andean Rhea, three species of flamingos, eagles and hawks, and Andean Flickers.

3 GOOD REASONS visit Oruro
1) The world's most famous indigenous carnival 
2) Dragons round every corner 
3) Delve into a bowl of bulls' balls or lamb's head soup 
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