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Death Road to Coroico Alain Mesili
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ARTICLES - The Coroico Cascadas

The Coroico Cascadas


A walk into the Coroico hills reveals some picturesque waterfalls


If you are staying in Coroico, you will quickly come to realise there is not a lot to do in the town itself. Apart from the four-day fiesta, which takes place approximately once a year, Coroico is a very sleepy place. If after a day of lounging around your hotel pool or swinging in a hammock you yearn for a little bit of activity, there are a number of hikes on offer around the hills of Coroico, all of varying difficulty. The surrounding scenery of Coroico is quite breathtaking and the hikes offer an excellent opportunity to view the mountains from high up, as well as an almost aerial view of Coroico and its nearby hamlets.

3 GOOD REASONS visit Coroico
1) Fabulous views over legal coca terraces 
2) Cloud forest at Uchumachi above the town of Coroico 
3) 1/2 day walk to the three waterfalls 
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