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Hi all,
I am writing to ask if you know anybody who would like to go to the jungle for a couple of weeks to San Jose de Uchumiana (I may well have written that wrong as I am doing it from memory!!) to translate for a medical doctor who has ofered to give free attention for the people of that area. He is a qualified doctor in Israel and also has his European doctors licence.
The area he wants to reach recieve no medical treatment there with only one nurse in the area and he plans to attend to as many people as possible during his time there. He has already done a similar project in Peru and mostly treated parasites, pneumonia and other common illnesses. He will not offer anyone surgery as he is not insured for that here.
We have already made contact to the region and they are very excited about recieving a doctor however he cannot do it without a translator due to having only a low level of Spanish. The translator will just need to translate his basic questions. There is however no funding so both the doctor and the translator will have to pay for their transport and accomodation. The transport will be 60US$ each way by flight or 10US$ by road. It will not be expenisve to live there and it is a great opportunity!! However it is very basic there so it does need to be someone that does not mind this.
Also if anybody knows any doctors who would also like to assist please let me know. And we are also searching for support to buy the medication/first aid equipment that will be needed.
I think it will be a very worthwhile project and also a brilliant opportunity for someone to spend time there and help so please let me know of anybody that you think may be interested. We want to get the project up and running asap (as in next week if possible).
Thankyou all and I hope you have some suggestions

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