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Market Scene, Chulumani   Fred 
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2 companies leave from the plaza to come back to La Paz – get your ticket the day before.
BUSES to neighbouring villages leave from the Plaza Lanza and TAXIS can be found circling around the plaza or up at the terminal on the Calle Junin.

You can get to Coroico via Coripata. Take a bus going to La Paz and get off at the crossroads just after Puente Villa at Km 93. Wait for a bus or truck to Coripata and then look for another vehicle to Coroico. Another option is to take a TAXI – around Bs.250.

If you’re doing the Takesi trail then get a ride from Yanacachi to Chulumani.
The Yunga Cruz trek ends up in Chulumani.

From Distance Time By Bus Time By Car Time By Airplane
La Paz 1 Km.      
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