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Destination :: Sorata :: bolivia guide
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Sorata, Bolivia   Petra Huber 
You are in: Sorata

 For those seeking a little peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of La Paz, then a four hour bus trip to the beautiful village of Sorata could be just what you are looking for.

The scenery surrounding Sorata is breathtaking and the village is stunningly situated beneath the snow-capped mountains of Illampu and Ancohuma. These are viewed in contrast to the agricultural lands of the valley and the surrounding lush vegetation all helping to encourage most visitors to stay longer than they had originally anticipated. This alone makes it easy for the tourist to understand why Sorata was often compared to the “Garden of Eden”, when the Spanish were teaching religion to the indigenous population.

In Sorata itself the main square, overlooked by the modest church is an ideal place to people watch, or you could take a walk through the market and enjoy the traditional sights and smells! Along the cobbled streets there are plenty of good quality eating establishments and a couple of late-night bars which will satisfy most tourists.

Sorata’s history has placed it in many different ways as a gateway, albeit a beautiful one, through which people have passed onto other Bolivian offerings. In colonial times the Spanish founded Sorata whilst looking for 'Paititi', a golden city rumoured to be between Bolivia and Peru. They found gold in mines in the surrounding area, and Sorata became a link for the workers in the mines and rubber plantations of the Alto Beni. It was also a well travelled route to the Amazon Basin

Sorata is also an ideal base for travellers who have a sense of trekking adventure. Most visitors will make the two and a half hour walk to the caves in San Pedro. There are plenty of photo opportunities before you reach your destination and once there you pay a few Bolivianos to the cave attendant who will crank up the light generator to enable you to make the short walk through the cave to the underground lake, sometimes encountering bats along the way.

For the more serious trekker there is the Mapiri Trail and the Illampu circuit which are highly recommended, and the extremely adventurous could attempt to climb Illampu from here. But be warned this expedition is best undertaken with plenty of climbing experience and good equipment.

Alison Morris

 ...to visit Sorata
1) 22km leisurely walk to the San Pedro cave 
2) Set off from here to climb Illampu (6368m) 
3) The sacred Lake Chilata, unexplored by foreigners before 1995 
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Sorata, Bolivia

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