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Sorata Sunset   Petra Huber 
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You can extend the walk to the San Pedro cave if you pass by the small village Laripata before. For this leave Sorata on the road going to San Pedro/Laripata. After passing the bridge and a forest the road splits: right goes to Laripata, Paso Chuchu, Ancohuma or the mines.  On that road you pass the crosses as well, which is a nice place to see the sunset. The road on the left takes you to San Pedro passing Tutuacaja. From Laripata you take a path going down at the back of the Iminapi hill to the cave.
As a one day option you can take a bus to
La Paz and get out at the statue of Christ and walk down the path on the slope.
Another option is to spend a nice warm day going down to the river, where three rivers join. You will find pools to swim in, huge rocks just perfect for sunbathing and an area for bouldering. From the Iminapi hill you can enjoy a panoramic view. Start going up at Tutuacaja, taking the path going up before the school and soccer field. When the path splits, the right takes you to Laripata, the left to the top of the hill.
Lakathia is a beautiful small community with stone built houses, which you pass on the way to Laguna Illampu and starting the Illampu Circuit. You can get there on a one day hike so you can include it on a trek to the other lakes, adding another day.



 ...to visit Sorata
1) 22km leisurely walk to the San Pedro cave 
2) Set off from here to climb Illampu (6368m) 
3) The sacred Lake Chilata, unexplored by foreigners before 1995 
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