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View of Cochabamba, Bolivia   Catherine Gilloury 
You are in: Cochabamba

 After all that sightseeing you’ll be ready to sit down, relax and have a beer in the sunshine.


Taquiña is the local Cochabambino brew and for Bs 9, it’s easily available and well worth a try. As with most Bolivian lagers it’s quite fizzy but with a dry, fruity taste. In the name of research we sampled a few bottles and had no problem finishing them. The more adventurous amongst you might feel brave enough to sample ‘Chicha Cochabambina’, an alcoholic maize brew created by the Incas and typical of this region. You will probably have to head to the outskirts of town to find it, markets are usually the best option or look for a house displaying a white flag or flowers and you’ll get some. It’s definitely an acquired taste and probably not something you’d want to drink pints of but it’s a lot more interesting than Singani!

Tip: the best bars in Cochabamba are found on Calle Venezuela or Calle España but nothing really gets going until about 22:30.

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1) Cochabambinos live to eat - huge portions, 6 times a day for little money 
2) Known in Bolivia as "the city of eternal spring" - not too hot, not too cold! 
3) Try chicha - local fermented maize drink - just don't ask how they start the fermentation process! 
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