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Sorata Church   Fred 
You are in: Sorata

 It is worth sitting down on the main square for a while. The contrast of the huge palm trees and the snow-capped mountains ILLAMPU and ANCOHUMA is overwhelming.
THE CHURCH OF SORATA is also on the main square where many colonial style old buildings serve as a reminder of the boom days Sorata had at the end of 19th beginning of 20th century, when the gold came from the mines and rubber and quinine from the lowlands. The only remaining example of intact grandeur in the otherwise crumbling Sorata is its church. The area behind the altar is particularly ornate, with gleaming stone pillars and religious decoration. Sorata was the most important trade centre in this area. Until about 15 years ago you could pay for your soup at the only restaurant on the plaza with gold dust. RESIDENCIAL SORATA belongs to this time.
The views from the other side of the valley are also stunning, you can walk up to the crosses, to CAFE ILLAMPU and eat a cake or if you want to go on, there are several nice miradores on the way to the SAN PEDRO CAVE.

 ...to visit Sorata
1) 22km leisurely walk to the San Pedro cave 
2) Set off from here to climb Illampu (6368m) 
3) The sacred Lake Chilata, unexplored by foreigners before 1995 
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