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Bus to Coroico, Bolivia   Alain Mesili 
You are in: La Paz
bolivia Air


Tels. 215 73 00, 281 01 22, 281 02 40
Airport Departure Tax
International air travel - US$25. Domestic air travel - Bs. 15
Taxi to the city costs 50 Bs. Minibus to the centre 4 Bs.

Avenida Uruguay, Plaza Antofagasta
Tels. 228 58 58

PUBLIC TRANSPORT in La Paz can be the most confusing and annoying part of your stay here. But once you know what you’re doing then it's good for your pocket and will bring you more into contact with local people. Before you set off in a bus or taxi, make sure you know where you are going – and how to pronounce it!

MICROs These are the big yellow or blue buses trucking around. Read the route on the front and pay the driver as you get on. Usually around Bs. 1 within the city centre (give the driver Bs. 5 – he will always give you the correct change) and then Bs. 1.50 or 2.30 down to the zona sur (if you want to go to the Muela del Diablo or Cota Cota Lagoon).

MINIBUSES 14-seater minibuses with a young boy shouting out the route and collecting the fare. Bs. 1.50 around the town centre, Bs. 1 if indicated on the windshield, Bs. 2.30 down to the zona sur. Those that go up the main drag and have AEROPUERTO on will take you to the airport for Bs. 4. Beware of pickpockets on buses.

TRUFIS These are fixed-route, shared taxis with little flags on the bonnet – Bs. 3 anywhere on their route.

RADIO TAXIS These have a phone number and company name emblazoned on the top and down the sides of the car. They should have a radio inside – if they don’t then get out! Within the city centre Bs. 6 – 8 before 9pm, and Bs. 1 thereafter. Outside the centre expect to pay Bs. 12. If you want to go down to the zoo, Muella del Diablo, Palca then negotiate with the driver – expect to pay around Bs. 20, 14 and 25 respectively. These should always be used after 10pm. The driver cannot pick up anyone en route and must take you to where you ask – not leave you a block away.

TAXIS Anyone can put a TAXI sign in their windshield and pick up passengers. The logic is that they want as many people as possible on the same route so you need to speak through the window and state where you want to go. Don’t be surprised if the taxi just takes off. You can hire these taxis for the day for around Bs. 50. There have been attacks on Bolivians taking unmarked taxis so we suggest that you don’t take one after dark; paying a little more for safety is worth it. Don’t share taxis from the bus terminal in La Paz, there are a lot of fake policemen and “friendly” travelers in that area. Walk down to the main road and take a radio taxi that is speeding along.

 ...to visit La Paz
1) Now you can sing "I'm up on top of the world looking down on creation" 
2) Little kiosks on every corner selling everything you need  
3) The world's highest ski-slope, highest navigable lake, highest café, highest golf course ... 
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