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Illampu, Bolivia   Petra Huber 
You are in: Sorata


The trek to Laguna Chilata and Laguna Glacial normally takes 3 days. You go up to Laguna Chilata, where you put up your tent, the next day you go only with your daypack to Laguna Glacial and come back to Laguna Chilata to spend another night there before you come down to Sorata on the third day. The physically fit can do it in 2 days. There is also the possibility to do Laguna Chilata in one day (5-6 hours up, 3 hours down) and you can shorten the way up by taking a taxi to Khollani (Bs. 40 to 50). Last year some shoes went missing at Laguna Chilata, so make sure you put everything inside your tent and avoid taking any valuables.


Khotapata means the lake above in Aymara and at 4226m above sea-level that’s about right. It takes about 8 hours to get there from Sorata – if you’re relatively fit and carrying your pack. Foreigners only just discovered the lake in 1995 where the kalawayas carry out secret rituals at the full moon - you won’t be welcome then though. Spend a night at the sacred lake and then carry on up to the Glacial Lake at 5025m.

Take a hat, sunscreen, a tent, a warm sleeping bag and enough food for 3 days.

It is highly advisable to take a guide from the village.



The Glacial Lake lies between the Illampu and Ancohuma mountains and is a further couple of hours high-altitude trekking.


The ILLAMPU CIRCUIT takes 7 days, the scenery is fantastic and last years it was quiet, which means there were no more thefts.
Two other treks lead you down to the jungle. CAMINO DE ORO goes over the
Chuchu Pass or Lakatia through Ancohuma
village down at the riverside into a mining area.

The MAPIRI TREK is for the tough!
The longest Trek (10-12 days) goes along the
Cordillera Real, it is very good for acclimatisation and if you want you can climb Huayna Potosí at the end of this trip.

The Cordillera Real offers a lot of challenging peaks. For several the access is from Sorata.
Ancohuma is one option at 6,427m high beside the technically very difficult Illampu (6,368m) and lots more over 5000m, for example Pico Schulze.
This is for experienced climbers only. You can organize porters and mules to base- and high camps, but if you need a guide and climbing equipment it is easier to organize that with an agency or guide in
La Paz.

Tel. 2 - 231 38 49
Check what Alistair has to offer

Tels. 2 - 215 22 32, 712 76 685
(2 days 4000 metres descent on bikes, 3 days by river through the wild jungle)

Watch Travis go!



3 GOOD REASONS visit Sorata
1) 22km leisurely walk to the San Pedro cave 
2) Set off from here to climb Illampu (6368m) 
3) The sacred Lake Chilata, unexplored by foreigners before 1995 
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