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You are in: Sorata

 - Avenida Villamil De Rada – Tel. 735 25 447

PHARMACY - Corner of main plaza


There is a basic hospital in Sorata, quite cheap (above the small plaza on the road to the cemetery). They can deal with the common things like stomach issues and allergic reactions etc. But if you have something serious try to get as fast as possible to La Paz!
The same goes for dentists.
And there are people selling natural medicine, especially on market days. On Plaza Obispo Bosque there is the Centro de Medicina Natural open sometimes on week ends. 


Beware the sand flies in the rainy season and just after, especially out of town and by the river. Wear long sleeves and use repellant. If you get bitten buy a pot of mentisan and cover the bites.

3 GOOD REASONS visit Sorata
1) 22km leisurely walk to the San Pedro cave 
2) Set off from here to climb Illampu (6368m) 
3) The sacred Lake Chilata, unexplored by foreigners before 1995 
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