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 Chulumani’s traditional food is fried chicken and chips. All around the plaza are small restaurants but the best is probably the RESTAURANT PLAZA – you’ll see it with a green balcony – perfect for having a beer and watching life on the plaza. Lunch and Dinner – Bs. 10.
Also, ask around for CRISTIANE, a German lady who serves good pizzas (she was about to move location at the time of writing).
Vegetarians beware! It is not easy to find decent food - go to the CABAÑA YUNGUEÑA down the left-hand side of the plaza on a smaller plaza and ask the owners to fix you something.
Going up from the plaza on the left-hand side on Saturdays and Sundays look for a small restaurant that serves trucha and surubi if you fancy fish; sometimes they have papas a la huancaina – potatoes in a peanut sauce.

3 GOOD REASONS visit Chulumani
1) Fabulous trekking opportunities through coffee plantations 
2) Quieter than other Yungas destinations 
3) White water tubing for rafting enthusiasts 
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